So many years of bad acting


Helpfully, some other Reddit users crunched the numbers to find out how long it would take to consume all that smut. With most webcam streams being less than HD quality, it would take around 102 years to watch it all at a 720p resolution. If it’s at an even lower quality, such as 480p, it would mean staring at a screen for 293 years and six months.

So many years of bad acting.

Redditor tested Amazon’s unlimited storage option by uploading 2 million gigabytes of porn.

The Last Jedi Take 2


I can’t see or hear any more The Last Jedi criticism. It is obnoxious, feels like an compulsive  frame-by-frame review of the movie (those were they point that it’s unwatchable because of the delta airlines plane flying far away during a close shot of Luke — this is an illustration, there’s none as far as I can see). It is still a movie about space wizards, a fantasy, and a good one at it. Do we need to know how Rey escaped Snoke’s chamber, or why Holdo chose to sacrifice herself? Does it need to be perfect to be good?

I could rant about Chekov’s Gun and the downfall of the zombie apocalypse genre to Zombie Viruses — believe me, if all needs to be explained, it’s the same mentality. I’ll leave it for another day.

The Last Jedi


I finally went to see The Last Jedi, without having seen the fans reactions. I got out of the theater thinking that the movie is something special and great, and my girlfriend got mad several times in the movie, telling me at the end that it isn’t Star Wars. I can understand some of the frustration, but I can’t agree with all of it. Canto Bite was too long, and that is as much as I can relate with the critics. A new take on this story is a new take on the story, not a rehearsal of a thirty-year-old story with better special effects. If someone wanted the later, Lucas has provided it several times.

Function pointers should never be called func


Make the maintenance engineer hell. See the following definition.

typedef void *(*)(void *) work_func_t;

struct s {
    struct list_head work;
    work_func_t *func;
    void *data;

Where work_func_t is a function pointer. What is the problem in this definition?

Say that every pointer to function in a struct is called func. Any form of search through the code (cscope, grep, sed…) will return more results than one can  reasonably parse.

Do not do it.