Random Spikes

BBD writes a compelling article on R/G Tokens (OGW). Going wide is one of the strategies I like the best; I’m on Abzan (WBG) Tokens for OGW, which is a bit less wide, but taller, and it’s doing great at FNM. Nissa is the real deal, and I should try her next week.

Sprints that don’t ship code. It’s hard to slice the project into shippable bunches when most of the code is not user facing (like embedded systems), so an architectural sprint can facilitate other sprints to deliver value to the user.

The financial struggles of a Magic player.

How to build stable systems has a lot of common sense, and is a very nice read.

Dealing with burnout.

Interested in Magic, but a $1k deck does not fit your budget? Here’s a primer on Pauper, a format where we play only common cards (and is usually very inexpensive to play). And here’s a curated list of Pauper decks.

Eerie Interlude is a very exciting card in a deck that abuses enter the battlefield effects. Brewing will start soon.

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