BW Taxes

Version 1


  • Nahiri Control: 1-0.
    • Snatched Emrakul with Thought-Knot Seer, leaving my opponent with Squadron Hawks as the win condition. He was several draws ahead and still lost. Sided out the path to exile 2 Rest in peace, 2 Zealous Persecution (to deal with late game Hawks).
  • Mill: 1-0.
    • In U/W, the prime target is Jace.
    • Worries that that the deck has few ways of dealing with Isocron Scepter.
  • Infect 0-1.
    • Lost to a fast start on game one, and forgot to activate shambling vents for the last two points of damage on game two.
  • Burn: 1-0.
    • Game one, opponent kept a durdly hand. Game two, I loaded the deck with specific hate (Burrenton Forge-tender, Kor Firewalker and Eidolon of Rhetoric). Eldrazi Displacer did some work on both games, protecting my creatures against hate.
  • Elves: 0-0-1.
    • Game one, I kept a hand with no colored mana, and conceded on turn three. Game two, I disrupted them enough for a Zealous Persecution to kill a get me a three for one, taking down a blocking Ezuri.