B/W Death and Taxes

I love Death and Taxes decks: aggressive decks that deny resources to the opponent. Unfortunately, legacy is just too expensive. In Modern, D&T is known as hatebears, and is based in white mana with some splash color (usually green). The drawback of these decks is that they lack card drawing. Someone figured out how to incorporate Dark Confidant in the deck to fix this, and White/Black Hatebears is born. I wonder if the interaction between Tidehollow Sculler and Wasteland Strangler is good enough for Modern.

A picture


The picture above was taken on a sunny Sunday, in the country. This is the house my father grew in. In the 1800, it used to be a ballroom. It’s the picture I’m using in the header of this site.

This picture was taken with a Moto G, using the HDR function. About two years ago, making HDR pictures was a process that required bulky equipment, specialized software, and a keen eye.

Now, you only need a keen eye. The equipment and software fit in your pocket.