X-Wing Custom Mission: Clearing the Path

“May I speak with general Hungs?”

Mission Setup

Rebels (77 points)

T-70 X_wing: Poe Dameron, BB-8, Push the Limit, Vectored Thruters, Advanced Optics, Black One (41 points)

B/SF-17 Bomber: Crimson Leader, Crossfire Formation, Trajectory Simulator, Ordinance Silos, Seismic Charges (36 points)


Any list of small ships with 77 points, three turret tokens, and a reactor marker.

Turret Tokens

Treat these tokens as stationary ships with Attack 2, Agility 0, Hull 3, Shields 0, and primary weapons may only attack at range 1-2.

Reactor Marker

Treat this marker as a stationary ship with Attack 0, Agility 0, Hull 3 Shields 0. This Reactor can only be hit by bombs.


The imperial player deploys 3 turrets tokens as if they are debris. Then the rebel player deploys Poe.

At the beginning of each turn, the Imperial must deploy one ship at range 1 of it’s border, if any are available to deploy.

Once the turret tokens are destroyed, the Rebel Player must deploy the B/SF-17 Bomber at range 1 of its border.

Mission Objectives


Destroy the Reactor Marker.


Destroy all the rebel ships, or stop them from deploying.